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 Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, or DBT for short, is an extensively studied form of treatment recognised internationally for people who experience significant difficulties in regulating emotions and managing relationships.

A central feature of DBT is skills training in which participants learn new and more adaptive skills to manage emotions, tolerate distress without resorting to behaviours that make things worse, and enhance interpersonal effectiveness. Mindfulness skills are core to all other DBT skills.

Here at Bridget Hogg Psychology Brisbane we offer a comprehensive DBT program that includes individual DBT sessions, group DBT skills training sessions and phone coaching in skills use. Our program fills a significant gap in current DBT services in Brisbane, as many people with considerable emotional difficulties are not able for various reasons to access DBT programs run at hospitals around the city. At Bridget Hogg Psychology Brisbane  we aim to provide a friendly, supportive and effective DBT program that is affordable and accessible.

The list below links to articles providing important information about Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. I encourage you to read these as they outline the nature of DBT and the kinds of problems DBT can help with, and I hope they give you some idea what participating in our DBT program would be like.

If you or someone close to you seems to struggle with some of the behaviours I mention in these articles I do encourage you to contact me. I understand that at times you may feel very distressed by your experiences and hopeless about the future, but there is help available - Outcome studies on the effectiveness of DBT are very positive.

What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT?

Core DBT Skills - Mindfulness

About DBT Emotional Regulation Skills

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About DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

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 Borderline Personality Disorder - Emotional Vulnerability

Treating Bulimia Nervosa and binge eating with DBT

Treating substance abuse with DBT

Deliberate self-harm and DBT

More about Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT

Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder

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