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Eating Disorders Brisbane

Recent research by the Victorian Government indicates that approximately 15% of Australian women and 10% of Australian men will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lives.  Eating disorders are complex, and cause significant physical, psychological, cognitive and medical problems for sufferers.

Sufferers are often very embarrassed and ashamed of their eating behaviours and so are reluctant to seek treatment. This is a significant issue, as research clearly shows that getting treatment early on leads to better outcomes.

Here at Eating Disorders Brisbane I offer experienced and compassionate help for people with eating problems. I aim to provide an atmosphere of understanding and support for new clients, so that they feel safe and accepted discussing their eating problems. A goal of Eating Disorders Brisbane is to ensure that all clients have a good understanding of the cycles that keep their problem eating behaviour going, and how each step of treatment is designed to disrupt these cycles, and reduce the likelihood of the problem behaviours recurring.

The list below links to  articles providing important information to help with identifying eating disorders and problem eating behaviours, and giving you some ideas about treatment options.

If you or someone close to you struggles with problematic eating behaviours I do encourage you to contact me so that we can talk about treatment options and priorities.

About Eating Disorders

  Bulimia Nervosa - Overview

 Anorexia Nervosa - Overview

 Help for binge eating

 What is "emotional eating"?

 Treating Bulimia and binge eating with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anorexia

 Underweight and under-eating

The problem of frequent weighing and body checking

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